We wish to thank-you in advance for any contribution you are able to make towards our great course. Whether it be a one time donation or a monthly subscription, every pound is put to good use. Your support enables us to cover travel costs, office overheads, equipment costs, marketing materials and many other ongoing fees we have to pay as a charity. All of our activity is administered so you can rest assured that every penny is being put to good use. Without you and your financial support, it would not be possible to serve so many schools and educate students of both the physical and traumatic harm knife crime can cause. It is through your ongoing support that we are able to continue traveling the UK and educating citizens of our great country how damaging knife crime can be. It is astonishing how many students do or have carried a weapon into a school for protection, teens to protect themselves from bullies and young adults who see carrying a weapon as a fashionable thing to do. Our training programs ensure all ages are made aware of all negative effects knife crime has to both themselves if they are caught and the victims who they effect most dearly as their loss also results in a loss for many including, family, friends, neighbours and everyone within the neighbourhood. It is time to end knife crime and the growing gang culture among our young UK citizens. It is only through your support is this possible and every contribution you make will go towards disarming future generations from any form of knife crime going forwards. Again, thank-you so much for your support. - Caroline Shearer (Founder of Only Cowards Carry).
Reasons To Donate

Unfortunately all activities cost both time and money, whilst Only Cowards Carry consists of many who are volunteers, as a registered charity, it also employs several staff to support it's ever growing framework. Without structure and those who invest above and beyond the call of duty, the charity would not be where it is today or be able to get to where it needs to be anytime soon. Your donation not only benefits the charity, but through your financial aid, the team at Only Cowards Carry can help and improve society through the United Kingdom.

As a support of Only Cowards Carry you can not only feel good for your support of a great cause, but you can also feel proud and responsible for your social responsibility. Furthermore, companies may wish to donate a percentage of their NET profits or a months NET profits to the charity and in return, their name and company will be added to our website in addition to a plaque for their offices. Businesses can feel proud and responsible for supporting a cause that prevents fear, loss and harm within society which can be a powerful tool when pitching to medium and large sized businesses as those companies will want to be working with other businesses who have Corporate Social Responsibility Policies (CSR Policies). If you or your company wishes to help us make history and be recognised for all of the great efforts it makes as company, please contact Caroline Shearer via email or call 01255 428 744.

What Have Our Donations Achieved So Far?

We wish to thank everyone who has helped us so far, it is thanks to your donations that it has been possible to build a team, rent offices, computer equipment and cover travel costs to educate student and young individuals of the dangers associated with knife crime. Please continue both your morale and financial support as we aim to reduce knife crime rates year, upon year.
Benefits Of Donating To Only Cowards Carry

Investing into a great cause such as Only Cowards Carry will not only ensure you as an individual live in a safer, more happy environment, but it will also ensure your family and children can walk streets safely with no fear of being stabbed. Education is the most powerful form of prevention. It will take time and it will cost money to deliver such education throughout our nation, however, can you truly place a value on someone losing their life over being stabbed by another individual?